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power consumption specs for Optiplex 3020

I am trying to locate and understand specifications for typical power consumption and maximum (startup) power consumption for the Optiplex 3020 SFF.  Is the 255W power supply the correct number to assume for either of those power consumption figures?


I see the name plate of one of this 100-240V, 4.6Amp, Is that correct? equal to 100x4.6A= 460VA.


I just need some approximation of the normal and maximum working loads in either watts or amps so I can estimate the total power consumption needs for a large exhibit with many components  Optiplex 3020.  Maximum is important because of the potential for many devices to be powered up simultaneously, if that makes sense. And what is the Power Factor of the Power Supply of this CPU?

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Re: power consumption specs for Optiplex 3020

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