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9020 AIO display issue

I have a display issue that exactly matches the issue described in the following post.

I have also tried all of Jen-K's suggestions, including trying another monitor.  I know the system is posting, as I can hear windows boot up.  I have also confirmed that the green lights are on, including num lock and caps lock.  I tried to remove the CMOS battery and ram, clear the capacitors, and still receive the same results. I am 90% sure the video card has gone bad on this PC, and was wondering if you could check my service tag to let me know if the video card is integrated or separate. Could someone check my service tag to tell me if my video card is integrated or separate?  I tried to PM Jennifer-K, but the system would not let me. First it says she doesnt have PMs turned on, then it said i sent too many PMs?



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Re: 9020 AIO display issue

This is a user to user forum so we can't check tags. (Tags should not be posted in the forum) All in ones have integrated video and everything else too. The motherboard on a AIO is like a laptop board. When something goes bad most of the time it means replacing the computer if you are out of warranty. Like a laptop aio has a shorter life span. Yours is 5 yr old model so you should consider a new computer.

You don't mention what happened with the external monitor. I assume it didn't work.

Some all in ones don't have a video out hdmi port, check your manual to make sure you have and use the right HDMI out port to attach an ext monitor.

Here are the stats for 9020 aio-


  • Form Factor
  • Graphics Processor
    Intel HD Graphics 4600 Dynamic Video Memory Technology
  • Video Interfaces