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Dell Optiplex 755, Dell HD 7570 video card, Vista 64-bit

Hi, New computer user here, and trying to get this all to come together. I have an Optiplex 755 (A22 BIOS) with a Dell (AMD) Radeon HD 7570 Video Card, and Vista 64-bit installed and running on the 755. Trying to get these to all come together with Video drivers. Downloaded AMD's Vista 64-bit Drivers for HD 7570 and got errors during install. Catalyst installs the HDMI Audio, and Catalyst Software, but Catalyst will not install the Video drivers on my machine, which are listed as Vista 64-bit drivers. Is there a work-around for this? I'm extremely limited on resources and this is what I have to work with, for now. Hoping to get some help here from the pros? Thanks in advance, James
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