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Re: What do different "builds," same model have in

There are usually feature differences based on which model as well as what size

The old numbering was GX360 GX760 GX960

Then  3010  7010 9010

Newer models like 3020 7020 9020 and up have an additional size called Micro.

I never recommend the 3 series but the 7 or 9 series are fine.

390 and 3010 are horrilble,

790 and 990  as well as 7010 and 9010 are good machines.

Older than 790 will work but will not have mitigations for Spectre and Meltdown for the CPU micro code.

Windows 10 works and installs on machines as old as the GX620.

the 7010 is the transition machine in that you can install XP on it.

The GX620 is the ancient transition machine that runs EVERYTHING from MSDOS 6.22 all the way thru WINDOWS 10.

Models from 2005 and earlier will not EVER work with windows 8 or 10.

Models from earlier than 2003 will not work with windows 7 let alone windows 10.

HOWEVER  with 2 gigs of ram and a DVD drive you can install UBUNTU 18.04.2

and it works fine. Does internet browsing,  plays DVD movies,  plays youtube videos etc.

You would want at least an Optiplex 620 or better for this.

The older models also work with UBUNTU but they are very slow and cant keep up with youtube ztreaming video.



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