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3020, optical drive not working


i have an Optilex 3020. recently another computer of mines motherboard went bust. i had valuable data in that pc so i have connected its hard drives to the Optilex. Problem is the optical drive doesnt seem to be detecting properly or working. is their a limit to the number of SATA devices on the optilex 3020?

i am trying to connect:



1 Optical DVDRW 


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Re: optical drive not working

Not All models have 4 ports.

SATA Optical Drives do not work when the motherboard has SATA set to ATA.

The 3020 only has ATA mode in bios and does not have AHCI mode.

The work around for systems like that is to have USB 2.0 optical drive.

This is the model that I use for EVERYTHING.




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