DELL-Sonylal P
1 Nickel

RE: M100e w/ M630 blades


We have a perfect software solution for your need called OpenManage Power Center. To know more please visit

Some of the key features as follows

  1. Real time Power and Temperature Monitoring for Dell servers and Chassis
  2. Datacenter logical/custom grouping
  3. OMPC captures up to 1 year Power and Temperature history which will enable you to analyze the power/temp trend in your datacenter.
  4. Restrict the Power usage as per the Power cap provided by user (In your case you can set a power cap of 5700W per rack and OMPC will make sure your power consumption never exceed the cap )
  5. Minimize the stranded power in your datacenter
  6. Maximize the rack density
  7. PDU and UPS support (We support APC AP8853 )

Dell OpenManage Power Center is free to download, install and use software.



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