Re: PowerEdge 2800 power problem

Hi there,

Thanks for making us aware of your issue - if it's okay with you, I've got some questions I'd like to ask, just so I can fully understand what's happening with your server. If you could answer the following, it would be a massive help:

1) When did this issue start to occur? For example, did it occur randomly or did it occur after any hardware changes or even after the server experienced a power cut?

2) Have you tried any troubleshooting steps yourself? This is just so we're not asking you to redo steps that you may already have tried.

3) Have you tried reseating the PSUs to ensure they are connected firmly? Also, to completely rule out any PSU problems, have you tried connecting one PSU to the server at a time?

4) If you have any peripherals connected, please remove these and try to power on the server. Does this make any difference?

5) Does the power button switch feel broken when you press it in?

6) From the information you have given us about the LEDs, I can't see anything that would indicate a likely cause of the issue but when you press the power button, do any of the front or back LEDs change at all?

Once you've got back to us, we'll be able to look at other likely causes of this issue. Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon!

John C

Dell EMC
| Commercial Social Media Quality Lead

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