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PowerEdge R510 HD Tray/Carrier


I've been trying to find a part number for SATA only HD carriers for a PE R510.  I've searched the forums and have seen the CC852 recommended a few times for several different PE Models including the R510, however from what I've read, this carrier seems to be for SAS/SATA and requires an interposer card to fit the backplane.  I do not plan on mixing SAS/SATA drives in this PE R510 and would like to know the SATA only model.  On the side of the carrier the part number is listed as 0X968D but searching the Dell web and community site returns no results.  I contacted a Dell support using the online chat for Enterprise/Business, but the agent told me Dell does not sell the trays/carriers which contradicts information I've come across here.  Lastly, I came across a thread that listed WJ389 as the stickers that identify the drive type and size on the trays/carriers.  Can anyone confirm this? Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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