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Re: Ubuntu install on an M600 Blade


         I need a help regarding this post. I saw also the solution to this post. Actually I also see the same issue. I am trying to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 in Ericsson blade. Some how I am managed to proceed until GRUB menu screen. After I select the Install Ubuntu Server from GRUB MENU, the screen goes blank. 

The problem I see now is when I try to follow the solution approach given in this thread, I pressed c to enter GRUB terminal. there when I accessed to /etc/default/... I could not find grub,cfg file. Also not able to use sudo, not able to edit any file using any editor.

I almost searched all possible options in the web. But still I could not follow up and doesnt work in my case. Kindly suggest me how to solve this step by step.

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanks in Advance!!!!



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