Re: R710 Memory Upgrade possibility with 16GB module

Hello utpal1

can I upgrade it with (A5008568) -- 16GB 2Rx4 RDIMM ECC 1333MHz LV in below configuration in Optimizer mode??? pls. suggest.

Yes, BIOS revision 1.1.4 added support for 16GB DIMMs and 1333 MHz functionality with two channels populated. If you have the 1.5v CPU then you will be able to achieve the 1333 speed in this configuration. If you have the 1.35v CPU then they will be downclocked to 1066 MHz.

In this way with this 16GB modules if I intermix with previous 4GB 1066mhz module my total accumulated memory performance would go down 1066mhz?

Correct, all DIMMs will operate at the lowest common frequency. You could populate slots 7,8 with the 4GB DIMMs if you want.


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