Re: R710 Memory Upgrade possibility with 16GB module

does it mean my 16GB 1333mhz memory module will perform in downclocked 1066mhz speed??

Correct, the max memory speed with that CPU is 1066.(Note: This applies to dual rank or higher DIMMs when 2 or more DIMMs per channel are populated)

does it mean DDR3 1333mhz module is not supported at all?

No, it will automatically down-clock, so you can install 1333 memory and it will function normally at 1066 speed. Here is a quote from internal documentation regarding the memory down-clocking:

The user can install memory DIMMs up to 1333 MHz with any processor shipped on the Dell™ PowerEdge R710 and R410. However, if the installed processor is not capable of operating at the bus-speed specs of the memory it will simply down-clock the faster memory to the highest rate it is capable of supporting, and the memory will function normally at that bus speed. 

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