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Re: R710 and R610 memory upgrade and speed

Hi Chris,

and thank you for your quick answer!

So, if I am right, I could buy those RAM modules and be SURE to have them working after upgrading the BIOS and ESM/Drac.

Last question is about the resulting speed of the system.

Based on this reference:

I see the following:

If memory modules (DIMMS) with different speeds are installed, all DIMMs will operate at the speed of the slowest installed DIMM. 

Also, if any DIMMS (regardless of speed) are installed in the third bank (bank C: slots A/B 7, 8 or 9), the maximum system memory speed will be 800MHz. This is the current maximum frequency supported by Intel and Dell, when DIMMS are installed in slots 7, 8 & 9.

We are going to populate the following slots:



Do you think that we could still have memory speed issues or as we expect, we'll be able to get full 1333Mhz speed? 

Thank you again for you kind help!

Have a nice day,

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