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PE 1850 Will Not POST or Enter Setup

We have an old PE 1850 being used as a backup server running Backup Exec.  We needed to reboot the server earlier this week to complete some O/S updates but when it rebooted, it started an orange caution and will not complete POST.  It will not even allow us to enter the BIOS and it simply gets stuck at Entering Setup.  The server is using an add-on PERC 4/DC, which we replaced thinking this was bad.  We've also tried booting without the PERC 4 /DC installed.  We have reseated the riser and memory but the results are still the same.  If we simply leave the system along and attempt to boot, it appears to get stuck at the initial LSI, which is part of the ROMB that we're not using.

Any suggestions on how to get the server to POST would be appreciated.


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