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R620 GPU Possible?

Hi there! I have a Dell R620 equipped with 2 Xeon E5-2680v2's and 64gb RAM and 2 1100W power supplies. I've been thinking of putting in a graphics card for stuff like video editing or even gaming. From what I've heard, the R620 only has one pci power connector on the board. This should (in theory) then be enough to accommodate up to a GTX 1080 (NVidia states 1 8 pin power connector for this card). Only problem now is that it's a 1U server... My plan is to use pci-e extension cable(s) and mounting the card outside of the case. This server is the only one I have and it is not in a rack so I think this *could* somehow work. Is this at all a viable option? Has anyone ever attempted this? Thanks!
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