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Re: R620 GPU Possible?

OK a quick update. I found a single slot gtx 1050ti that only draws power from the pcie slot. The only issue I'm having now is physical size. This is the card I'm looking at: http://www.inno3d.com/products_detail.php?refid=297 The card in question has a length of 211mm and a height of 99.8mm. The height seems fine but the length will not work with my current riser configuration. According to the R620 technical guide, I have the 3pcie slot model. I do not have riser card 2, I only have riser card 1 and 3. All 3 of these slots are not long enough to accommodate the 1050ti. There is also a 2pcie slot model that comes with riser 2 and 3 it seems. Riser 2 would be able to hold a card that is 3/4 length and full height.I tried measuring things but it's kind of hard to do since I'm missing riser 2. The heatsink of the raid controller might be in the way but the slot of riser 2 might stick out a bit further so not sure if that's a problem. If I were to remove my riser 1 and replace it with riser 2, would I be able to install a graphics card with a length of 211mm?
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