Dell R530 Power Supply firmware fail

I updated the firmware today on my R53 server. This time, something strange happened. 
The whole unit went out and would not come back, I left her there for a few minutes to
see if it was just doing her job and if she would turn on again. The front of the server
had completely lost power. I could not operate the power button or anything. Finally,
I had to unplug the plugs, then plug it back in and I could turn it back on. Well, now I get a configuration error of the power detected at startup.
If I look at OpenManage, he says PS1 is fine, gives me the readings, and so on.
If I look at PS2, it says NA for everything except that it says Configuration error detected. and I have the power light flashing orange and the following massage: UEFI0059: The PSUs in the system do not match ... They were both working well before this update, so I do not know what happened. One way to solve this for the feed in question? (MyConfig PSU): PS1 750w Epp 80 Platinum Power Supply PS2 750w Epp 80 Platinum Power Supply Thank you. Hadjammar


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