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Re: Dell PowerEdge 2950 SAS to SATA

Also, you cannot swap in 1 drive at a time (and have the raid config rebuild to a SATA drive), as you cannot mix SAS and SATA drives in 1 raid setup. You can have 2 raid setups; one SAS and one SATA, but within a raid volume all drives need to be the same type.

So if you want to 'migrate' from SAS drives to SATA drives, you'll need to back up your data (e.g. tape, network share, etc), remove the SAS drives, put in the SATA drives and create a new raid container (keep it below 2TB as you won't be able to go beyond 2TB (usable) and boot to the disk). Reason for this is that virtual disks over 2TB will have to be converted to GPT instead of MBR (supported by Windows 2003 SP1 and later and by Linux with the 2.6 kernel (so no support by Windows 2000, XP, VMware ESX, Netware)) and you cannot boot to GPT disks (a bios cannot boot to a GPT disk, instead you'd need an EFI, which is only used on the Dell Poweredge servers that use Itanium processors).

If you're wanting to set up 3 750GB SATA drives in a raid 5, don't worry about the GPT/2TB part of my post, as 3x750GB in raid 5 yields about 1380GB or so of usable disk space. Even 3 x 1TB drives doesn't go beyond 2TB. However, if for some reason you want to set up a raid 0 (would strongly recommend against this on any production servers), you'll need to keep the 2TB limit in mind.

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