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Re: Can't get any OS to install on PowerEdge 1750

PERC's do not support non-RAID (JBOD), so whether you want them mirrored or not, you must configure the drives in the PERC BIOS (CTRL-M) ... or turn it off and use the system's SCSI-only controller.

If you want to use the drives as separate/individual drives, you need to configure each drive as a single-disk RAID 0.

If you want to turn off RAID and use them in SCSI-only mode, then you will need to boot to the BIOS Setup (F2), Integrated Devices, and set Embedded RAID to SCSI Enabled.

The fact that POST says 0 Logical Drives found indicates that the drives are not configured - remember, the drives must be configured in some sort of array before they are usable by the OS.  So, it should be showing at least one logical drive before installation can ever be successful.

Once RAID is configured, then you will need to worry about drivers.