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Re: PowerEdge 2900 (and 2950) with PERC 5i - expand Raid 5

There is one exception to the ability to grow a virtual disk; if you raid 5 was split into 2 virtual disks (e.g. 50GB for a boot drive and the rest for a data drive), you cannot grow the raid 5 set.


Another note: you didn't mention your drive sizes, but if your boot virtual disk goes over 2TB by growing the raid 5, you'll never ben able to use the part of the virtual disk after the 2TB mark on the virtual disk. If you're using drives up to 500GB, you're fine (a 5-drive raid 5 would be 4 x ~465GB in disk size, so well below the 2048GB (2TB) size), but if you're using 750's or larger, you'll run into this problem.

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