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RE: Degraded RAID 1 Array:PowerEdge 2800

You didn't say so specifically, and although people often throw around the term "hot-swap", they often don't realize what it really means, especially in the context of how the RAID controller uses that to manage the arrays.  Don't be offended that I asked - it is a VERY common mistake, made even by experienced IT staff.  You did it right ... just making sure 🙂

1. It could have been a fluke.  Firmware, static electricity, poor Moon/Venus alignment, etc.  You could try it again to confirm the issue.

2. Could be something about the 146GB drive it doesn't like.  Is this a Dell-certified drive?  Do you have another system you can test the drive with?  It could be bad (shorts or other power issues can result in exactly what you saw).  You could try the other 146GB.

3. REALLY old PERC or BIOS firmware.  Support for 146GB and 300GB drives was added early on in the 28x0 lifecycle, as were a number of fixes for the controller - recovery, performance, etc.  What is your PERC and BIOS firmware at?

4. Could be a slot issue.  The original drive may not be bad - it may simply be assigned bad because of a fault with the slot.  You could put the 146GB drive in another slot, then assign it as a hot-spare to begin the rebuild.

Obviously, these are some educated guesses at possible causes - what you experienced is NOT normal, so educated guesses as to things that could cause such an issue is all we have to go on.


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