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RE: Degraded RAID 1 Array:PowerEdge 2800

0. No offence taken 🙂

1. That was my first thought.

2. Yes I'm sure it's certified - I got it from a certified partner for out-of-warranty Dell Spares, and yes I have another 2800 I can test it on before I do anything else, that was my second thought.

3. BIOS Firmware A07, PERC 4e/Di Firmware 5B2D, Driver Version, Storport Driver Version 5.2.3790.3959, then it says Minimum required storport driver version 5.2.3790.4173?

4. Could be. This is a Mail Server for 100 employee's - downtime is ultra critical - That's why I'm half tempted to leave it well alone until we can get a new server sorted, but ultimately I don't want to be leaving a degraded array realistically. A rock and a hard place comes to mind.

I totally appreciate your immediate replies by the way, thank you!

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