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PowerEdge 1950 with failed MY412 card

I have two PowerEdge 1950 servers that came with MY412 cards installed.  From what I can gather, they are SAS 5i non-RAID.  That is fine, except that both MY412 cards have failed.  When I contacted Dell for replacements, they told me the only replacements available were WX072 cards (which appear to be PERC)  They physically install, but the single cable I have almost isn't long enough to reach the card (I can make it reach, tho', if I don't close the cover.)  The servers boot and see the card, but fail to see any drives connected to the servers.  I have tried exhaustively to find the correct drivers for the card and it seems like I find them, only to have the server still fail to see any drives connected. I purchased MY412 cards from a different source than Dell and replaced them and all is fine. My question is that the WX072 cards cost over $500 each (the MY412 were about $50 each). Is there any way to use those cards so I’m not out $1000? Is it the cable? I can’t find a part number for the longer cable which I can find in pictures. I don’t need RAID on these machines. Do I need different drives? A different backplane?

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