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PE2650 BIOS can't detect Hard drive


I have a server PE2650 and original setup of RAID 1 with 5 hard drive, due to some reason two of five hard drive  crashed and failed, whole system down. I reboot the server and go into BIOS, from the screen it show two hard drive 0,3 is missing and only detect 1,2,4. And I think 0,3 should be faulty. I quickly takes other two hard drives from another server and replace it with the two which I suspected faulty.

After I replaced and reboot again into BIOS, the BIOS is still only detect 1,2,4. Why no detecting the new drives in slot 0,3? This new drive is configured on other server, why the BIOS not able to detect the new hard drives I bed from other servers? Is it this bring over hard drives still contains the foreign configuration?

What should I do to let BIOS detect this bring over hard drives? Format it? Please help I need to detect the hard drives and I need to reinstall the crashed server, please help.        

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