RE: Dell R710 IDRAC 6 express Raid 6 hot swap of problematic disk


With the drive flashing amber and green, it is indicating a Predicted Failure on that drive. Now with a Predicted Failure there are specific steps needed when replacing. If the drive is flashing amber and green, and is in a failed state, then yes you can simply remove that drive and insert a replacement all with the server running. Now if the drive is flashing amber and green, but is ONLINE in the array then removing and inserting a replacement runs the risk of carrying the Predicted Failure over to the array. Which risks causing a double fault or a punctured stripe. The proper steps to take with an Online Predicted Failure would be to either force the drive offline, from within OpenManage Server Administrator, or by powering down the server prior to removing the drive. With the server being in production, powering down to remove may be an issue.

Do you currently have OpenManage installed, and if not what is the specific OS you are using?

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