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Dell T300 SAS drive indicating failure but Online diags says all good?

Hi All,

I've got a Dell T300 domain controller with 4x 146GB SAS drives, 2 in a RAID 1 array, 2 as standard drives. On Monday I came in and the LCD display was saying 'Error 1810 HDD 1 fault' so I did some research and reseating the drive hot cleared the LCD error. I've also done a check using online diagnostics 2.16.0 that says all drives are OK. Despite this, the drive in question's status light is flashing Green - Amber-Off. Reading forums this indicates a predicted failure.

Do I need to change the drive or is it OK to continue using? I've installed Open Manage Server Administrator but it's not picking up the storage controller (SAS 6/ir, storage was selected as an option when installing OMSA, OSMA asking for a reboot but I'm currently in core hours).


Any help gratefully received.

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