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RE: Dell T300 SAS drive indicating failure but Online diags says all good?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the info, I did a reboot and I can now see the controller and drives in OMSA. Sure enough Physical Disk 0:0:1 is showing predicted failure 😞

I've read through some of the documentation and AFAIU the SAS 6/ir doesn't support forcing the drive offline through OSMA, the only tasks I have for this drive are 'Blink' and 'Unblink'. The other 2 non-raid disks do give me the option to assign them as Global Hotspares. If I assign one as a global hotspare will it then start doing a rebuild to cover the failing disk? Would I need to move the physical drive to the physical slot in the server where the existing (failing) drive resides? Is there a way of accessing the controller without using the boot-time application (Our second DC is also having issues so uptime is important). Sorry for so many questions but this is the first time I've had a failed HDD in 12 years as a technician.


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