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PowerEdge SSD RAID Options


I am looking at building a server configuration and for storage, I would like to look at the below:

  • PERC H730P RAID Controller, 2GB NV Cache
  • 2 x 200GB SSD (RAID 1 for Operating System)
  • 4 x 400GB SSD (RAID 10)

I have seen on these forums that this or similar configurations are supported and even saw a whitepaper on Dell's website where a 4-disk SSD RAID 10 was used, but yet my assigned SE just told me that SSD drives in a RAID configuration is not "recommended" by Dell and is instead trying to sell me the SanDisk DAS Cache solution.

Just looking for some confirmation that I can utilize SSD drives in a RAID configuration AND have full Dell support. Thanks in advance to whomever can assist with this.