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Expand virtual disk size in Raid 1.

I am running a Dell Poweredge T320 with a PERC H310 Raid controller.  I started out with 2 500 Gig disks in a raid 1 array.  Recently I wanted to expand the size of the virtual disk.  I got 2 additional 1 T disks and used OpenServer Manager to install.  

After the install the disks are all spun up and operating and Virtual Disk 0 reports a capacity of 1.861 Gigabytes.  Still at Raid 1 since I did not move to Raid 5 during the reconfiguration.  The two new disks show 961 G capacity and 465 used.  OK.  I understand that under Raid 1.  

The problem is the server reports the total disk size as 465 G, not the 1.8 G that OpenServer manager reports.  

I thought I might go back and reconfigure to Raid 5 and that might automatically expand the size, but reconfiguration through OpenServer is not an option.(Throws an error.)

Any suggestions about how I can get to the available 1.8 gig?



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