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RE: Predictive Failure reported

Try it, but it probably won't rebuild. What are the makes/models of all the drives? Is the replacement a Dell certified drive?

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RE: Predictive Failure reported

I didn`t try to continue.and yes It`s Dell replacement  certified drive.

Drive 0:1:3  - was Failed - (20 hours after the alert msg as you said -THEFLASH1932-)

I found another Dell sas 600, and push it to cell number 5.

The server start to rebuild 0:1:5 by himself.

The server finish - (4 hours)  to build 0:1:5 , then the status change to "online".

Everything looks fine!

I tried to assaing 0:1:4 as a hot-spare again , and now it works ! .

It`s look like that  it was too late to try assign disk as a hot-spare....  Impossible  to assign disk as hot-spare when you got physical drive alert\error .

Thank You  THEFLASH1932 I really appreciate that.