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PowerEdge VRTX Shared Storage [Redundant PERC8] extremely slow?

Has anyone been able to get the VRTX shared Storage to perform?

I have seen multiple old threads here from 2014-15 talking about removing the redundant PERC to be able to use write-back caching, but I have the current firmware installed and with it write-back and "forced write-back" are available options with the redundant controllers installed (and not disabled), but the performance of the virtual disks (For lack of a better term.) ***! I got better performance from a remote iSCSI array than local storage in the VRTX chassis is providing which is ridiculous!

Below is how the VD's are configured (either write-back or forced write-back, but neither provide acceptable performance.

Anyone that can provide some advice as to how to get this chassis and its integrated functionality to actually to be usable would be greatly appreciated!  

Presently there are 2 nodes used for a VMware 6.5 LAB and the 3rd node is being used for testing out Azure Stack TP3 all of which due to the performance of the chassis is delaying our ability to proceed forward with validating the platforms.

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