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PERC H700 predictive failure continues with new drive


System is a PowerEdge R710.with PERC H700 integrated controller.  The virtual drive in question is RAID 5 with 3 drives. I have been monitoring controller logs weekly, and running consistency check for the past 3 months with 0 issues.  Suddenly yesterday, OMSA is showing 1 drive as predictive failure.  I went through logs and see a bunch of unexpected sense logs many of them stating "corrected medium error", but I do not see any unrecoverable errors.  I went onsite, offlined drive, then inserted new Dell branded drive.  Rebuild completed, but the new drive is also reporting as predictive failure.  I went through logs again, and notice many more unexpected sense logs during rebuild process.  I then ran consistency check, which again had many unexpected sense logs.  Drive is still in predicted failure state, so I replaced drive again with a new drive.  This time, after rebuild drive was not showing predictive failure.  Just to be sure, I ran another consistency check, which put same drive in predictive failure state again.  There are again a bunch of unexpected sense logs many of them stating "corrected medium error".  I doubt that both drives are bad, and am unsure how to proceed.

The firmware for controller, drives, & BIOS are all up to date, but IDRAC6 & Lifecycle are out of date.  IDRAC6 is at 1.92.00 (build 5) and Lifecycle is at

Please let me know your thoughts.  If you recommend updating IDRAC6 & Lifecycle, please let me know where to find updates and steps for updating.  I am a little confused identifying where to locate these updates on support page.  Also, can I just update to latest version or does it have to be in steps?

Thank you in advance!

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