Re: PowerEdge 1950 auto restart and alarm error e1215 1.8v p


Normally that is an indication that the 1.8 V voltage regulator has failed, but lets check a couple things. Try taking the server to its minimum to Post configuration. That is removing everything from the server, internally and externally, except the following items;

•System board
•Processor (with heatsink) in socket 1
•One stick of memory in slot 1
•1 power supply
•Control panel (to turn on system)
•Both PCI risers in matching configuration

Also, if the server is connected to a UPS or APC I would bypass it and run direct to the outlet, to eliminate them as a possible cause. Then save and clear the hardware log and see if the error appears under that configuration. If you have other matching 1950,s you can test the know good risers and such as well. If the server still has and issue and reports the error it is likely going to need a new motherboard. 

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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