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PowerEdge 2850 Blue Screen

I could not get e-mail last night and when i came in this morning.  The Exchange Server had the blue screen of death and will not reboot.  This also happens in safe mode.  Any suggestions short of total system rebuild?  I do have a good backup from the end of the week.





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Re: PowerEdge 2850 Blue Screen

With the information you provided the only suggestion would be to rebuild.


More information to maybe help prevent this would be:

- what error code is on the blue screen?

- is there a driver or file being referenced on the blue screen?

- have you tried safe mode (even if it blue screens, maybe you can see on which driver/service it blue screens)?

- have you disconnected everything from the back of the server other than keyboard/mouse, monitor and power (so no NIC, no tape, no fiber channel, etc) to see if the system will boot then?

- does the raid controller show any issues with the raid set?

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RE: PowerEdge 2850 Blue Screen

I have seen the same issue after a power outage, using a known stable O/S (Win 2K3) that does not do this on other machines.  I built O/S images sequentially, monitoring for stability in between and am almost certain that this is caused by unstable drivers for either the generic USB mouse/keyboard and/or Intel GigE drivers.

I would suggest using a PS/2 mouse and keyboard and DELL ENET drivers to start.  (Intel drivers blue screen the O/S repeatedly).  If you still see the issue, then contact DELL to issue an ENET driver update.

All the best.

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RE: PowerEdge 2850 Blue Screen

Yes, a bit more info might help, what OS/Exchange version?   Contrary to common belief, not all forum member have a crystal ball....personally I sent mine out for cleaning/ polishing/ calibrating a month ago, still have not gotten it back.


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