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Re: OMSA install on T310 with Esxi 4.1

Been there already.  

I downloaded the vCLI and installed on my workstation.  Downloaded from the support site.  Run the first command in the CLI and I get a perl.exe ordinal not found error "The ordinal 2821 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll."

The command prompt shows the following message:

Crypt:Smiley FrustratedSLeay is required for https connections, but could not be loaded:  Can't load <path to SSLeay.dll> for module Crypt:Smiley FrustratedSLeay:  load_file:The operating system cannot run %1 at C:/program files <x86>/VMware/VMware vSphere CLI/Perl/lib/ line 230, <STDIN> line 2.

So I am unable to get passed step 1.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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