Re: Deploy OS with Lifecycle Controller - Media Not Found

Hello cmcfarling09

Without physically inserting the OS disk in the server DVD drive, how else could I get it to recognize an OS media disk? Is my ISO image perhaps the problem? In other words since I created it from the UFD and not directly from the original DVD could that be causing a problem? Assuming there's nothing wrong with the ISO would the USC normally recognize an ISO mounted via Remote File Share as a valid OS install disk and proceed beyond step 4?

Yes, the issue is likely the ISO. The LCC is very particular about the OS image that it wants. Make sure you are selecting SBS 2011 as the OS during the LCC setup. If it does not recognize the ISO you are using then I would recommend using a different ISO. The LCC install will only properly detect retail copies, so if you are using a volume license copy or anything other than a standard retail copy it will not likely detect it. Also, if the program used to create the ISO from the DVD changes the formatting or adds extra information to the ISO file to make it different from the DVD in any way it will not detect properly.

In short, yes you can install SBS 2011 from an ISO. If you are encountering issues then I would troubleshoot the medium.


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