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Server 2003 hangs on acpitabl.dat with new hard drives

When trying to start windows in safe mode the loading process stops at acpitabl.dat and restarts again. When I unplug the new drives and start the computer Windows loads up no problem. 

I am attempting to replace the hard drives of a Poweredge 840 system. The server has a SAS5/i raid card with 2 Western Digital 250gb SATA drives in a lm mirror configuration. I want to replace drives with x2 1TB drives and resize the C: partition from 25GB to 500GB. My thought was to install the new hard drives into the remaining ports of the card, create a new array, then clone the original array onto the new array, then resize the C: partition on the new array

I installed the new WD RED NAS 1TB hard drives (x2) into the 2nd and 3rd ports of the SAS 5/i card. The card is able to see the drives and I proceed to create the second array. I'm able to create the new array with no problems. I save and exit the SAS utility and proceed to reboot to the original array. Everything looks normal up until the Windows Scroll bar loading splash screen. Before the scroll bar reaches the end it restarts and goes back to the Dell splash screen and tries to boot again. When I remove the new drives windows boots up no problem

Any ideas? I figure it has something to do with windows but I can't quite put my finger on it. Also the C: partition of only 25 GB is completely full. Could this have something to do with it?

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