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Password based RAID encryption

Hi Dell community, I have a new T330 with a H730p RAID controller and I'm a newbie to this server / hardware stuff. I plan to set up 2 RAIDs, one with some SSDs and another with bigger SATA HDDs. As boot device, I want to install ESXI on the internal USB drive. I want to encrypt my data (both RAIDs) and I think the best way it to do this on the RAID controller. I read something about "self encryption drive" but it seems that the key is stored on the controller here. So if i get this right, anyone with physically access to my server would be able to unlock my data (by booting from another device). So, my question: If i get this right, i there a way the server will ask for a password to decrypt the RAID on any boot? I know this would mean to do this manually on every boot, but we don't have many power cuts or unplanned reboots. Tanks for the help.
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