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Replacing H310 mini with H710 on R320

Hello, I'd like to replace the H310 mini on our R320 with an H710.

Is it easier/make more sense to go from H310 mini to an H710 mini? My understanding is that the H710 and H710 mini are the same device?

The H710 mini should be easier to replace with the existing H310 mini, would that be correct? Regarding the swapping process, as this is a production server, what will I need other than the new replacement H710 mini controller card? Will I need any additional cables, etc...?

Regarding data and the RAID array, this is currently a RAID1 with 2 physical disks, what would I need to do in terms of replacing the card and the existing virtual disk, can I just recreate it on the H710 mini and will there be any data loss, or should it just find it once powered up?


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