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RE: M610服务标签在BIOS和CMC控制台里面看不到




  1. System must be configured to collect system inventory. To do this, use the iDRAC Option ROM utility during system startup (Ctrl-E). In the System Services menu, enable the Collect System Inventory on Restart (CSIOR) option.
  2. After enabling CSIOR, allow the host system to reboot and startup. In the output screen, towards the end of the BIOS startup, the message "Collecting System Inventory" is displayed after several minutes.
  3. After the host has booted and the system inventory has been collected, reboot iDRAC only.
  4. Once the iDRAC boots, the hardware inventory is accessible. After iDRAC reboots, the internal components necessary for servicing the requests that provide the hardware inventory will not be ready immediately. Therefore, after the reboot, wait for 5 minutes and then connect to iDRAC to display the hardware inventory. This can be several minutes after iDRAC was first reset. Alternatively, use WSMAN check from the Remote Services service on the iDRAC. To invoke, use the GetRSStatus method of the DCIM_LCService profile. For more details, see the Dell DCIM_LCService MOF available at the Delltechcenter website. The Remote Service must be available before the hardware inventory is ready. This applies if the iDRAC has been rebooted (step 3) or not.

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