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TL4000/TL2000 "HE: drive logged out Code: FB 01"

I've picked up a Dell/IBM LTO-5 HH drive from an external Dell enclosure. I've popped it into a spare LTO5 Sled, and tried to get it to run on the TL4000 (also a TL2000 with same result) but the drive doesn't seem to appear, even after a complete reset of the PV. The PowerVault does it's usual tape scans on boot, then seems to be trying to connect to the drive. About 15 minutes later, I get an error "HE: drive logged out Code: FB 01".

From what I can tell, it's some sort of communication error between the PV and the Drive. I checked the cables on the sled, and made sure the LDI switch was on on the drive - Switch 5 of 8 - (all other switches set to off). Still having no luck.

Usually, I am able to communicate with the drive over SAS from a PC, even when it's in the PV. The drive itself shows no errors, but the usual green "all good" light - even when it's in the PV. Am I doing anything wrong here? Is it a dead drive, PV or PV controller? Could I have the wrong switches set on the drive? Maybe a Firmware issue? If anyone has had this before or can help I'd appreciate it.

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