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Dell WorkStation 490

Machine is a Dell  Precision WorkStation 490

BIOS Version A08 (04/25/08)


I'll upload a video clip in youtube with my bios:

My problem is when installing a window 7 64bit from CD room.... the installation was going normal and I had to choose where to install the window and I deleted disk ( C: ) and ( D: ) and created them again... I chose to save the window to disk ( C: ) all is ok after firs reset pc does not load and she told me that:

NaTuMnO Dell WorkStation 490.jpg

my hard disk:

NaTuMnO hard disk.jpg

what I know and I have done?

1 hard disk works I tested it on another computer!

2 I put another hard disk and find it in sat 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 have and 5 in sata 5 I have not tested it! I realized it was not from the ports SATA

3 it is not from the cables of the sata!

4 it is not from the power cord!

5 I unplugged the hard disk and up again!

6 I rebooted bios (I removed the battery for a while and put it back)

7 I tried and reinstalled the window for the installation window 7 CD room works!

- I come to a choice where to save the window 7 there is no place to install it ( not have ( C: ) or ( D: ) or FREE place for create C or D...

8 I have set default BIOS settings


I do not know why to find the hard disk, with this hard disk work 1 year without a problem! I tested a lot of methods read on the internet, and I'm already confused I think it's best to bring it to a computer service...

Does anyone have any idea what can I do?




more screenshots from my test:

windows install error.jpg


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