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Re: Dell Precision T1700 - RAM Mixture

This  seems like a good thread  to bring together all memory related  issues.  So,  here are some further questions on  Precision T1700 RAM.  I am getting a Mini-tower version of this soon.  So, here are my questions....

  1. From the table above,  it is not clear if  i can  use  Non-ECC  to  upgrade from 16GB.  
  2. Can i have a mix of ECC & non-ECC  (2 and 2 of each to get to 32 GB) ??  Or do they all have to be the same kind  (ie.  4x 8gb  of  non-ecc will work)  ?
  3. From the other  thread here,  it seems like only  Unbuffered ECC can be used,  not  Registered memory. Can you confirm this ?
  4. Is only  low voltage (1.35V)   supported,  or both  1.35 as well as 1.5V  are  supported ?  Again,  can there be a mix of  different voltage specs in the  DIMMs ?
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