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Re: Dell 1320c color laser printer

Try this test. It will show us whether the print defect is occurring before or after the fuser.

Do a couple more print tests to determine about how long it will take the page to just begin to appear at the top of the printer. When you're ready, print another page, try to view the printer from the top-back looking at the paper exit, and place your finger on the front cover button. The moment you see the paper begin to exit, push the side button to open the front cover. This will immediately stop any print activity.

Open the front cover. The paper should be partway up the print path and partially out the fuser. The fuser is the HOT thing at the very top that fuses the toner to the paper using heat and pressure. On each end of the fuser there is a small blue lever; lift each of these all the way up to release the fuser pressure roller.

Now, carefully grasp the sides of the paper and pull it down and out of the fuser, and away from the drum area.

Turn the paper over. Is the entire length smeared? Or just the end that you pulled out of the fuser?

Two points of caution here:

  1. All the toner on the page below the fuser is not fused..... meaning..... it will rub off the page with the greatest of ease.
  2. DO NOT leave the front cover open for more that 5 minutes. If the drum unit is exposed to excessive light, it can be damaged.

Is your printer still on warranty?


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