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Any Suggestions for installing 964 AIO printer after new harddrive

I installed a new hard drive, but didnt have a utility disk for the printer.  The new drive properly found the new hardware (964 AIO printer) but couldnt find software to download.  I installed from dell downloads the R113115 driver (37Mb) and tried to unzip.  My problem starts here, the new drive I installed became J:, there is a drive C: supposably installed though it says there is no disk space.  When the R113115 tries to unzip it gives an error message saying that it cannot create C:Dell/printer folder which is true since C: drive is gone.  I cant change this!!! I think I somehow managed to unzip the file to my desktop now if I try and add printer it cant find the file by itself so I try to do it myself.  It seems to look for a .inf file that I find in drivers/scan that appears to be the right one as it comes up with a picture of the printer.  Anyway, I add it but then I get either the hardware is not supported or that the software isnt compatible with USB which is what my printer is.  I have uninstalled everything and started over a few times, further when I unzipped on my desktop there is now a setup file that I clicked and the dell photo 964 installation window comes up to where I select whether to put this on a network or make it local, when I select personel installation for this computer only I get a not enough disk space error saying there is not enough disk space on target drive which I assume is drive C: which is not there as I have drive J: I am growing grey hair in bunches trying to figure out how to change the target location does somebody have any thoughts? 

Your thoughts would be insanely helpful!!!!



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