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Re: AIO 920, vista, and windows 7 RC


Thank you for your help, And I did request for an install disc as you stated I should. Dell responded it was a printer that was out of warranty and they can't help me. I did though, try your method one more time and WAS able to finally get the driver in and installed the Dell All-In-One Center program. Only thing I can say, is I guess running the patch you mentioned for Vista to clean up the registry/programs ( eight times in a row) finally worked emoticon.Embarrassed.title . At this point, I'm taking all of your advice:emotion-5: . I'm still trying to get the scanning and copying to work, since the AIO popped up and said it couldn't find the fax driver. You probably think I'm a bit dense or technically unsavy (to a degree), but I'm really trying everything you said. I thought maybe I didn't look in the right folders, but I couldn't find the OCR or the Abby file in the download. At this point, you've at least gotten me farther than I was able to with Tech Support (which wanted to charge me), because at least now I can print to it on my network . I thank you from the bottom of my heart emoticon.Yes.title and if you have any other suggestions for the fax/copy aspect, I'm all ears. By the way, I apologize emoticon.Embarrassed.title if I didn't mention my name outright, it's Robert. And it's been a pleasure to have someone as knowledgable as you on the boards for information and solutions:emotion-30:. Now, my next task is to see if your suggestions here work for my other printer, a Dell AIO photo 944. Wish me luck.



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