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Re: AIO 920, vista, and windows 7 RC

Hello Rick,

thanks for the advice about "Simple OCR", I'll try it. I think the reason (which is amost same as you mentioned) was that I totally have no understanding of the function of scanning and copying over a network computer. I've never scanned from my laptop before, so I would have to say I'm not sure if it was working right. I will read the HELP files to familiarize myself. Faxing usually happened on the desktop computer (using Dell A920 AIOC) since I have a dedicated phone line connected to it.

I haven't installed the Dell AIO Photo 944 yet, so the drivers and software for it shouldn't be the issue yet. I'm following your advice by installing the 944 software on the Host computer first.  I'm waiting for the ink cartridges to get here so I can install them into the printer (it won't let me install the software until i put them in). Once that happens, I'll install software on the laptop and do the network connection. At that point, I'll let you know if it all functions correctly.

I read the link about networks, and mine is basically set up exactly as it says to. I used channel 6 and set it up for WPA-2 Personal encryption, broadcast SSID and wireless B/G enabled. The router firmware already has been upgraded. I can't afford to buy a network printer adaptor, so I will have to continue using the flow-thru method using the Host computer printer connection on the network. I usually keep that computer on all the time anyway, so it's not an issue for now.

I hope I've followed your instructions correctly and if you've any more suggestions or ideas, I'm open. I'm very impressed with your knowledge and abilities and I can only hope to someday be as informed and well-versed in troubleshooting. Thank you for the help so far. Shoot, Dell should hire you and make you Head Technician as far as I'm concerned. Have a Happy July 4th emoticon.Cake.title

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