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Windows 7 and Wireless A948 Dell Printer

O.K. Lets see where I can start. Maybe my setup:

XPS M1730 Laptop

4GB Ram

Windows 7

640gb HD (2x320)

Dell A948 Printer (with wireless card installed)

I installed Windows 7 on a clean HD, installed what drivers I could find. Most of them Vista because Dell doesn't seem to have drivers for Win7 for my machine. I had to d/l the drivers for the video card from Nvideas website. But the laptop works at 99.999% efficiency and better than it did in Vista. But the printer is a different story. I did some research and d/l the Win7 drivers from Dell. Followed the directions to the letter to install it wirelessly. But it wouldn't communicate with the printer. (Yes I did type the WAP (WPA?) code correctly). Upon it failing, I d/l the clean remove file and removed the printer. Also deleted the DRIVERS>948 directory and d/l it again. (in-case the first file became corrupt) Followed the directions again, and still can't communicate with the printer. So I did the total uninstall again. (rebooting the laptop every time) This time I installed it using the USB method. It is the only way to get the printer to work. I know it works. Oh my WPA/WAP? code is my phone number, so I would never forget it and family members who come over, can hook their laptops via the wireless router. Because of the cost of the ink I will replace this one soon, but not until after the holidays. But in the meantime I would like to go back to printing wirelessly. And Idea's?


P.S. (I have not tried to install it wirelessly after the USB version.)

Rodney Ulanowicz

XPS M1730

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