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Re: Just bought my Color Laser Printer and No Help from Dell!

The facts are: (1)I bought the printer Dell Color Laser 1320c less than a month ago and since then it will show Error and I open the front and paper tray and put it all back just right; the same page will print then it goes on Error again. Since I went on the forum it hasn't happened again, but it is a waste of Ink and Paper, both of which I really can't afford (the black ink already running out and had to order a new cartridge ). I just started getting appraisals again and the slowdown between the computer(case #122380220) and the printer, it could turn off the Appraisal Management Company. I was only able to buy the cartridge because I had a little available credit left.

The other fact is (2) the backpart fell off the second day I had it and it won't go back on.


I think Dell should not have charged me for the ink to be fair, and they must take into consideration that I've been a good customer (always paying SOMEHOW my Dell account) and/or send me a new Printer and let me send back the one I have...It could be defective. I have had a HP Laser for 14 years and never had a problem; I only donated it because I wanted Color instead of my HP Inkjet.


The problem with Tech Support was that I couldn't get anyone to help me. They kept transferring me (4 times) and would wait 20 minutes or, more often, got disconnected.


I should have been given a new tower (computer ) and new's only fair. My computer is only 1-1/2 yrs old......I did it myself and it's running with less memory now.

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