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Re: 944 Not Printing But Connection Looks OK


I ran the printer removal utility as you recommended and reinstalled per your directions. Test printing is successful!! I did not do the "tweaks" on the power management  of the USB you mentioned since everything seems to be working now. Although I'm not sure what was wrong to cause my original printing issues, I think it's safe to say that the removal utility allowed me to do a complete uninstall/install this time around. I'm guessing that my  reinstalling yesterday failed because I didn't run that removal utility to completley remove the printer.

I did want to mention that as the printer install program was running today after downloading the drivers, two Dell windows showing file install progress, etc. popped up at the same time showing the same thing. Also, I got two identical Dell windows after successful installation of the printer that allowed me to run the test print/alignment page. I was afraid that somehow it had loaded two copies of files or tried to install two printers, but I only see one printer and the associated files loaded. I'm not sure what happened with that, but so far everything is fixed and OK. Will address this issue on here if I notice any problem...just thought that was kind of weird.

Thanks for your quick assistance!

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