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Re: 3115cn All-In-One - Setting Printer to Print in Black Only

The first thing that you need is the IP address of the printer. This can be found  on a settings page or you can find it on the ports tab of the printer properties:

Start -> Printers and Faxes, or Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes

Right-click the printer name, and left-click Properties

Click the Ports tab, and widen the first column which displays IP address of the printers

Most likely it will be 192.168.xxx.xxx. You will input that number in that format in an internet explorer address bar as if you were going to a website. That should pull up the web server of the printer. In the web server, click on printer settings on the left hand side and then click the printer maintenance tab. Click the non-dell toner sub link and turn it on with a check box. After that is applied then you can check to ensure that your copy setting is defaulted to Black in the printer settings tab under the copy defaults sub tab.

If you have problems finding your IP address on the printer you may have to replace one more cartridge to get that information.